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Ahmadinejad plays the role of a cool, calm and collected ‘academic’ who desires free academic inquiry and who cares for the rights and freedoms of Palestinians.  This facade is laughable in light of his own country in which these freedoms and rights do not exist.

If Iran had their way Israel would not exist. He is trying to minimize the attrocities that already occured in the Holocaust so that people will not care when he carries out his own plans to destroy Israel. This is how influencing public opinion starts. Have you ever wondered how humans could allow the holocaust to take place? Well, you are seeing it in action, besides the fact that he is denying the systematic killing and genocide of 6 million Jews through horrific and inhumane measures, Ahmadinejad is propogating the deligitimization and demonization of Jews.

The fact that Jews have a historical claim to the land and also that Jews have lived in Israel throughout history is denied. The lie that Israel is occupying Israel is another attempt to deligitimize Israel’s claim to their land. If you don’t know your facts, his ‘academic’ analysis might fool you. But forget the redherick and his false concern for human rights and look at the facts on the ground. The Palestinians are the only refugees in the history of the planet who have been refugees for 3 generations. In 2006 Israel withdrew from Gaza, giving up land for peace and since the withdrawal and cease fire 8000 rockets have been fired at innocent civilian populations in Israel, many of the rockets funded by Iran.

Furhtermore, the Arab league is the reason for the refugee problem in Israel. In 1948, the Arabs left Israel without ever seeing an Israeli soldier just because the Arab league made an announcement that they were going to wipe out Israel and push it into the sea and did not want Arabs to get caught up in the cease fire. Today no Arab country will take responsibility for the Arabs who are in Palestine. They refuse to accept their own people and thus the Palestinians remain refugees.

The Palestinians are not suffering at the hands of Israel. Gaza is the most well funded refugee population in the history of the world and yet in 60 years they are still as poor and oppressed as ever. Where is the money going? Palestinians are kept in their condition by Hamas and other terrorist organizations and used as a political pond to fool the rest of the world into sympathizing with extremists like Ahmadinejad. If Ahmajinejad was serious about Palestine being a state and self-determining, he would put pressure on Hamas and Hisbollah to drop their weapons and to stop hording the aid money for profit and instead invest in their population.

This video is propoganda that reflects Hitler’s strategy of blaming, demonizing and deligitimizing Jews.


How can I describe in words the reality of a world that I did not experience or live through and for which I have no point of reference?  While I cannot describe this reality, on July 20th, 2010I met with a precious brother who can indeed describe what he experienced first hand surviving through the Holocaust.  Asher Aud, which in Hebrew means survivor, shared his testimony of living in the ghettos and later in several concentration camps as a young Polish Jew.  From where I was sitting I could see the mark of that era tatooed on his arm, a permanent reminder of the concentration camps.

Here is an article about him.

Soon men and women, survivors of the Holocaust like Asher Aud will no longer be with us to share their account.  Therefore it is a real privilege to have met with him and heard his story.  His request and dare I say, his desperate plea with this generation is to speak out about the Holocaust and to keep the memory alive in order to make sure that this never happens again.

I call this a desperate plea because we currently live in a world in which the same ideologies that fuelled the Nazi regime are still prevalent in the Middle East and the rest of the world.  With nuclear bombs in Iran and the Iranian President calling for the destruction of Israel on a daily basis.  The Hamas constitution calls for the destruction of Israel.  Jews and Christians are being persecuted and are fleeing or being killed in Arab countries.

So this plea to make sure a holocaust never happens again is not something that I take lightly.  As a Canadian girl, it is difficult to imagine the realities of the Holocaust, because as I mentioned I have no point of reference.  I have never been separated from my family forcefully, I have never witnessed a death, I have never been publicly humiliated, my identity has never been stripped from me, I have never been beaten, I have never starved, I have never been raped, I have never feared for my life, I have never been forced to perform back breaking tasks etc.  These are the attrocities that more than 6 million people endured.

I am tempted to point fingers, but the reality is that the entire human population is responsible for letting this occur.  Silence is what allows generations to be killed so brutally.   And the truth is that this is STILL HAPPENING around the world, why aren’t we more concerned about this?  Why are Canadians, Americans and all those who enjoy freedom and liberty not making efforts to liberate our brothers and sisters who are suffering?

These words are ringing in my ears:  Tell people about what happened and to not let it happen again!

Land For Peace

Posted: February 27, 2011 in Standing With Israel

Israel pulled out of Gaza in 2006 which meant forcibly pulling out Jews from the homes that they had lived in for generations and demolishing their homes in order to give Gaza to the Palestinians. Israel is the only nation in the world that has ceaded land for peace when it gave up the Gaza strip for peace. Yet since the cease fire more than 8000 rockets have been fired indiscriminately into Israeli civilian population.  I was in Sderot, Israel on the border of the Gaza strip on July 27th, 2010 and on July 3oth, 2010  a Qassam rocket was fired into Sderot from the Gaza Strop, which hit a rehabilitation centre.

When you hear the rederick about ‘Occupation or Apratheid in Israel’ ask yourself why an ‘occupier’ would willingly take it’s own people out of Gaza and give Gaza over to the opposing force for the sake of Peace. Then ask yourself why Hamas and Hizbollah haven’t done anything to improve the condition of the people whom they are responsible for in Gaza and West Bank?