York U’s “balance” on Israel/Palestine means teaching students about “Israeli Apartheid”

Posted: February 27, 2011 in Israel Apartheid Week

While this article made a mistake about the date and this event actually occured last year in 2010, I found this interesting. While acedemics believe that moving politics into the classroom is the best place to creating a better environment at York, this solution is problematic if it only allows voice to one perspective.  I would like to give them the benefit of the doubt that they perhaps really are clueless to the fact that they are unbalanced.  This only reinforces my point that they need to become more aware of the different perspectives and start taking this issue much more seriously to identify where they are helping and where they are making things worse.

The problem is that York’s critics are incredibly vocal and very clear about what York is doing that is problematic, if only the University would take these criticisms more seriously instead of brushing them off and justifying their decisions on every turn.


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