Christian Students Stand for Truth, Human Rights, Safety and Inclusion

Posted: February 25, 2011 in Israel Apartheid Week

Adeola O.

Israel Apartheid Week has made me feel unsafe and discriminated against because it promotes hate on campus. The fact that Israel alone is being targeted troubles to me because it inflicts guilt on a country who is not only NOT the cause of the Middle Eastern conflict or “apartheid”, but who is and has been (even before the so called “apartheid”) the one constantly in danger of being attacked by its neighbouring countries.

The name change would definitely make a difference to me and the many other students here at York University who are not only PRO israel, but most importantly PRO human rights

Andrew R.

Israel Apartheid Week has made me feel unsafe because I feel it is a week in which hate speech is welcomed into York University. As a York University student I am not against open forums in which political issues can be discussed, but Israel Apartheid Week is often used as a forum in which a massive amount of hate is directed to one group of people (the Israeli community). As such, I believe it is not right for York University to open it’s doors to Israel Apartheid Week. With such a week taking place in York University, myself, and my friends feel very uncomfortable and threatened. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Sandra G.
Israel Apartheid Week has made me feel unsafe and discriminated against because it against my religious conviction as a Christian, and it is something which I strongly believe in. It is unfair to discriminate any group of people as such as and make them cornered in a society and an educational institute shouldn’t be encouraging anything this sort,as to my opinion. The events that take place during that week are clearly very disturbing and i hope this apartheid week on campus which makes Israeli and other students feel unsafe and uncomfortable would be given attention by the administration.

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