Sound the alarm- there is a growing threat to Israel and the West that is being propogated on campuses across North America, but specifically at York University.   Become concerned about the radical ideas and theologies that are threatening the existence of Israel and the West.

Josee Chiasson is a 4th year undergraduate student studying Psychology at York University.   Since September 2010, she has been doing some research about the relationship between breif media exposure and it’s influence on people’s attitudes towards Jews and Arabs for her undergraduate thesis.   She has worked for York University for the past 2 years in the Student Leadership Development Program and as the Central Orientation Chair for Student Community and Leadership Development.  In July 2010, Josee travelled to Israel on a scholarship program, The Israel Experience, where she met with members of the Knesset, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, scholars and Rabbis.  She also went to places in the West Bank and visited Sderot on the border of the Gaza Strip.  When asked about her experience in Israel, Josee states that her “conclusions are that what is being propagated during Israeli Apartheid Week and in Western media is a complete distortion of historical facts and rhetoric that doesn’t reflect the situation on the ground in Israel.”  Since her experience in Israel, Josee has been President of Christians United For Israel on Campus (CUFI on campus).  She has been leading educational campaigns, prayer meetings for Jerusalem and awareness campaings throughout the year.  She has also actively been engaging the York administration in discussions about Israel ‘Apartheid’ Week and the politics on campus.


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